About Me

Reader, Writer, Observer, Singer, Pianist, Engineer, Humanist, Feminist, Philogynist, Audiophile, Fitness Enthusiast, Lover, and UberCool Dude.

Pay no attention to all the fancy words, they’re a not-so-subtle attempt at packaging. In simpler words, I’m just an introverted dude who loves books and music, is fond of women, is lucky to be an engineer, loves to hit the gym fairly regularly, and plays a little piano. And, I am insecure about my beardless-ness. Sigh.

In my rare moments of seriousness I like to think. About anything and everything, but basically about human existence. Nothing fascinates and inspires curiosity in me like myself. Narcissist alert, eh?

So I started this blog to document my musings and observations, and sometimes opinions about these existential issues. I welcome stories about lifestyle and living, stories challenging questionable cultural/societal practices, and opinion pieces (Yes, I love opinionated people!).

Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my profile. If you would love to contribute to this blog, please visit the submissions page here.