The Problem With Belief – Akorita Isaiah

You believe in witches. You believe that witches exist. It says so in your bible. You have ‘encountered’ them. You have heard compelling stories from trusted people. News Flash: “Mob kills 5 year old child accused of witchcraft!”

Still you: “OMG! What a wicked world. This is inhumane. Humans are really wicked…” Two minutes later: “Please this has nothing to do with religion. Bad people exist everywhere. All these atheists should stop looking for every excuse to bash what they say they don’t believe in…”

Is it that you don’t see the connection or you are just being dishonest? I think a definition will be in order here. Who is a witch? I honestly don’t know. Is a witch someone, above 18 years of age who has diabolical powers and harms people OR a diabolic spirit that inhabits ONLY adult bodies? If you believe in witches then you must consider the possibility that an adult witch must have been a child at one point or that these diabolic spirits must also inhabit children too.

Your bible says “Suffer not a witch to live,” and yet you are lamenting about how it is inhumane to murder children accused of being witches? You believe in witches. Except you are the authority on witch identification, how did you know that the child was not a witch? You believe in witches. Do you now see where the problem is coming from? You BELIEVE…

Dear religious believer in witches and wizards, atheists are not your problem in Nigeria. At least not yet. You should thank us. We are the ones willing to tackle the basic assumptions of these beliefs. It is from these beliefs that these harmful practices spring from. No mother wants to give birth to a child and abandon it to die…unless she believes it is a witch.

It is not the atheists who use these opportunities to tackle the root causes of these problems that you should focus on. When you want to sponsor a bill outlawing the killing of people suspected to be witches, have you thought about the senator that will whip out his bible or koran and point out the passages that say witches exist and deserve to die and then ask you why you want to fight against their religion? Have you thought about what you will say to him? Will you hem and haw and prevaricate and stutter or will you tell him to grow up and stop believing in silly things?

How do you get the masses to stop killing people accused of being witches when you yourself believe in witches? Oh! You’re better than them because you can’t ever see yourself doing what they are doing? Clap for yourself. Atheists are hypocrites because they do worse in secret, abi? You are correct. Like that time they secretly gathered and stoned that guy for insulting Richard Dawkins, abi? Or yeah, that time that they killed that guy in Norway because Darwin wrote in his book that whoever disbelieves evolution should be murdered. You are not serious yet. When you are, we will know.

Akorita Isaiah is a pharmacist and  writes from Jalingo, Nigeria.

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