Trump: The Greatest Irony of the Decade?

Different reactions have trailed the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America, ranging from mere uncertainty to full-blown fear. These reactions, I believe, are not unfounded.

Personally, I find this election to be a modern tragedy. The 2016 American election has proven to be a national – or international – tragedy. It reveals the deep-seated fears of the American voter, which Trump’s campaign feasted on unashamedly, and Trump has somehow convinced the American electorate that they were not ready for the progress of the last eight years. Not really.

How else do you explain the fact that the same America which elected its first black president eight years ago is the same America that has elected Donald Trump as its next president? It sounds crazy, no matter how you say it. Trump probably deserves whatever names he’s been called by everyone, but the scary reality is this: Millions more Americans feel exactly the same way about their place in their nation. He connects with the tribalist/supremacist in every single one of them, college-degree-flaunting or not.

I won’t even bother trying to paint Trump in a bad light here- he’s done that pretty sufficiently all by himself. But a number of things are truly causes for concern here.

A man who lied to avoid conscription into the army to go “make big bucks” is hardly a man you could call patriotic, let alone a president of that same country. How on earth is he supposed to be the “commander-in-chief” of the same army?

A man who got a financial analyst fired for predicting his casino businesses would fail obviously doesn’t care about expert advice. And yes, the casinos all failed eventually, like the analyst had predicted.

The greatest problem with “President” Trump will not be his arrogance or inexperience or misogyny or hate. The worst thing about President Trump is that he is totally, absolutely, completely unpredictable.

He has never presented a coherent body of work, or plans, any blueprint at all, seeing as he boasts no political experience.

He made a great number of threats during the campaign season. Toward every minority – Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans- is he in fact going to act upon/fulfill these threats/promises? Were they simply threats just to get him into the White House? After connecting with the electorate on the most savage level possible in these times, is he now going to tow the path of common sense?

He had repeatedly in the past questioned why America has never used its nuclear arsenal- now he has the codes- will he, or will he not? How is he going to handle North Korea? Iran?

In the words of Reggae legend, Jimmy Cliff, “Time Will Tell.” Only Time can reveal what “Let’s make America great again,” his favourite campaign slogan, really means.

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