The Connection Between Sin And Disease – Chibuzor Ezeadireje

This is the connection between sin and diseases after extensive research in the medico-spiritual field.

Using common diseases known to us:

MALARIA: After man sinned, God weakened the liver and erythrocytes so that P. Falciparum which was created ab initio can invade them, since malarial infection involves two phases, and yes, an omniscient God knew these phases before hand.

Another school of thought on Malaria said that ab initio the liver and erythrocytes were weak before Man sinned against God, he then manufactured P. Falciparum, P. Vivax e.t.c. afterall he created everything. He then made mosquitoes the standard carriers of these parasites and they plagued man for his sins.

DIABETES: After the fall of Man, God weakened the beta cells of the pancreas making them susceptible to excessive consumption of sugars.

Had Adam and Eve not sinned, no matter the amount of sugar you consume, your beta cells will not deplete and yes, they will keep producing the adequate amounts of insulin to keep up with your sugar consumption. Because Eve sinned some women must develop gestational diabetes, while others may be spared during pregnancy, although none of them will escape labour pains. Even cows, dogs and cats must undergo these labour pains too, because they consumed their various forbidden diets, like grass and apples.

AIDS: After the fall of man, God produced HIV to plague man. This he achieved by weakening the CD4 cells of man… But God failed to trap some Scandinavians who cannot contract HIV even if they sin and it involves sex— they were able to cheat their way out of HIV by purposefully mutating the CCR45-A32. God will still catch them some other way though: death is inevitable.

CANCER: After the fall of man God randomly mutated any gene he could lay his hands on.

MENTAL ILLNESS: Of course the same sin is still implicated.

Why bother about aetiologies and mental state examination when the root cause is sin? Why bother about Haloperidol and Olanzapines when salvation is the key?

This is an indepth explanation one can give when you try to hold two opposing views together!

 Chibuzor writes from Jos, Nigeria.


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  1. Richard says:

    Religion takes away our reason. If only articles like this can bring us in touch with reality.

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