We Can’t Afford This Ignorance – Akorita Isaiah

There is a reason some people argue that Science and Religion are diametrically opposed.

Sam Adeyemi and his supporters are a prime example why this argument has merit.

While I do believe that Science and Religion are fundamentally opposed, I still think that Religious people can be great scientists. Heck, there ARE religious people who are great scientists. The problem arises when religion is being practised not merely as an article of faith, but as a conscious arbiter of reality.

This is how it is practised here in Nigeria and this is exactly why it is very harmful and why atheists and irreligious people like me will not “leave you alone.”

You guys don’t want to have sense. This is 2016. We are not in 300 BC where every thunder and earthquake is a manifestation of the temperament of your god.

I know that your religious scripture teaches you that it is because Adam sinned, that is why everyone gets sick now, but you know what? It is wrong.

Dead wrong. There is no rationalising it. There is no apologetic ‘wankerism’ you can pull to make this make sense.

We know what causes diseases, mostly. We know what causes thunder and earthquakes. We know these things thanks to Science and the work of great scientists over many centuries, some of whom are/were religious.

We are in 2016 now. We really can’t afford this your “the wages of sin” nonsense. Not in this society where healthcare delivery is still very poor and ignorance is still high.

We cannot afford your religious hocus pocus where real life medical situations are concerned.

Listen, you can still make your money by spewing your vague motivational barnum statements. You don’t need to overreach. There are enough materials for you to pull from. Stop this nonsense.

Stop this thing you people are doing.

You want to argue that “as a Christian, that is what the Bible teaches…,” yeah, but guess what, centuries of scientific knowledge has put to bed that erroneous teaching. Those people who wrote the Bible didn’t know about mental illness. We do now. Step up. Get into the 21st century. We are still a third world country. We can’t afford any more of this nonsense.

What is wrong with you people? When will you people have sense. I’m really angry now.

I’m angry about people who should know better defending nonsense. Yes, I read his whole thread when I saw the contentious one. It still doesn’t make it okay. There is no context in which it makes sense.

I am really angry. This is a society where mental illness comes with a lot of stigma and ignorance. We cannot afford this additional stigma. WTF is Sin? WTF is wrong with you all?

If you know you want to come into this thread to tell me to leave people to believe what they want, stop. Don’t do it. I will use you to clean ground this evening. Mind yourself.

Akorita is a pharmacist and writes from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Richard says:

    More of this please

  2. cyebog says:

    I love this part

    “You guys don’t want to have sense. This is 2016.”

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