Of Cavemen And Smartphones

When people make excuses for the shitty things that happen in Africa in 2016, saying crap like, “It took the West years to get here, one day we’ll get there too,” I can’t help but shake my head in despair at the undisguised foolishness behind such an ignorant statement.

We didn’t invent the electricity we sure as hell needed, heck, we didn’t discover jackshit, but we know how to use them all: the latest cars, the smartest phones (ironic, eh?), and all the best that modern science and technology have to offer. In fact we live for these things and our success or lack of it is hinged on how many such toys we flaunt. Yet when it’s time to take responsibility for our shitty state of existence, we embark on the most extreme kind of slack-cutting possible: It took them years to get here, blah blah bleh…

Shut the fuck up, please. I am asking politely too. What the hell does your lame ass excuse have to do with an old, retarded monarch abducting a kid with expectations of having sex with her? How on earth do we have the mental capacity to accommodate these stupid things? Yet, this same monarch and other old fucks like him have no inhibitions driving the latest cars, enjoying the products 21st century thinking has to offer while sticking like mules to the obsolete practices that soothe their bloated and perverted egos.

It’s double standards like this that would make the president of a nation in 2016 make such a sour joke as his wife belonging in his kitchen while standing before another woman to ask her, no, beg her to invest in his backward country. What does it matter if she’s managed to clamber out of the kitchen and the other room? If anything can be deduced from this deceptively personal affair, it’s simply that she got out “in spite of” and not “because of”.

We want to enjoy the best these times have to offer without having anything to do with the responsibilities that come along, hand-in-hand.

We’re doomed. Fucked. Screwed.

Featured image: Al-Jazeera


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