A Tale Of Two Fishes

You know, I saw this fish trying painfully hard to climb a tree. For effort, he really deserved to be applauded. No fish ever tried so valiantly to climb a tree. But for results, there was absolutely nothing. The struggle continued for a great while. He really wanted to climb that tree but he just could not do it. Twisting and wriggling and using all his known tricks, he tried to climb that tree, but no, he could not, and did not move an inch.

After some time, he saw another fish fly out of a river. It looked like that fish was having a good deal of fun. He stopped wriggling. He was running out of breath. He looked again and saw the fish in the air, diving gracefully back into the river. Something suddenly caught in his heart. He did not know what it was, but it made his heart beat faster than he thought was possible. He wanted to be that flying fish. He spent a good amount of time pondering and wondering. He was in awe of the flying fish.

Little did he know that the flying fish had seen him too. He had seen him while he was in the air. He had seen many things while he was in the air. That was why he loved flying out of the water so much. He saw many things he could not see in the water. One day he swam to the edge of the river and called out to the staring fish:

Hello, friend, what are you doing?

Hello, I am trying to climb this tree.

But you are a fish, fishes don’t climb trees now, do they?

Err, I don’t know that. Maybe that’s why I have been unable to climb this tree? So, what do fishes do?

Come with me and I will show you.

Together they went into the water and as soon as he felt the water on his body he had that feeling again. His heart beat faster. He felt he could do anything. He started to swim. It was so easy! He had no idea he could do that. Then he looked up and saw his new friend flying as he often did and he wished he could do that too.

Come on up, his friend yelled.

I don’t know, friend, can I do that?

How will you know if you don’t try?

How do I even try?

Watch me.

He watched as his friend did the jump again. That feeling returned and his heart raced with excitement and anticipation, and possibility. He closed his eyes, spread his fins and swam upwards with all his might. When he opened them, he was in the air. Oh the ecstasy! He was flying! He could not believe it. Yet, deep inside he knew he could fly higher. No sooner had he dived back in the water than he was up in the air again. He saw the tree he had been trying woefully to climb. And he saw many other things.

Thank you, friend. I would have tried forever, climbing that tree, when I should be here, flying, he said to the fish who had brought him into the river as they flew together one day.

You’re welcome my friend.


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