The Irony Of Faith


Back in Sunday School ‘Father’ Abraham was introduced to us as the ‘Father of Faith’. Was he deserving?

It’s not that hard- let us begin by defining faith here in this context:

Faith is defined as a:

feeling, conviction, or belief that something is true or real, without having evidence.

So, was Abraham deserving of the title? Probably. The definition of faith we have above is consistent with the extremely high level of credulousness displayed by the old man. Now, credulousness, or credulity is the:

willingness to believe in someone or something in the absence of reasonable proof.

Now let us examine a similar trait in children. Kids. I remember the carpenter saying to his audience once that unless they could become like children, their dream of getting into paradise might just remain that- a dream.

Now, why would he want grown men and women to become like children? Is it a mere coincidence or is there something more instructive in this? Of course it is no coincidence. What do children and ‘Father’ Abraham have in common?

You got that right- Credulity. Or in religious terms, ‘Faith.’

Think Santa. Cinderella. The Tooth Fairy. Imaginary Friends. There’s a lot more imaginary beings out there that children are sold. And they happily believe these beings exist- who cares about ‘evidence’? What’s that anyway?

It goes without saying that faith and credulity are two sides of the same coin. The difference, if any, will be that faith has somehow morphed into a desirable virtue over the years while credulity is still, well…credulity. But make no mistake, they’re basically one and the same.

Now there are modern-day ‘Fathers of Faith’ who uphold, proudly, unashamedly,  Abraham’s legacy. These are the ones who tell their ‘sheep’ about how they drove from Lagos to Abuja with an empty tank!

The irony of it all! We expect kids to outgrow Santa but adults still hold on to their favourite fairies and call it faith.

It wouldn’t be presumptuous to state that these men of faith are revered based on their propensity to believe crap. The higher the credulity, the higher the reverence and respect from the faithful.

Isn’t it ludicrous that a goat herder from the iron age has been immortalized just because he had an incredible ability to believe crap? Not that he wrote a great book or discovered electricity or a new planet or anything. It’s that easy! I’m not jealous, just sayin’. Now you know how to go about it if you want your name to stick around for a while (but you’re not quite smart enough to discover something).

Think on it.

I ‘believe’ that by now you have figured out why the carpenter wants y’all to become like kids and throw rationality to the dogs.



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  1. Kolapo Oladipo says:

    Ayo would you change your mind to believe there’s a higher being somewhere if you see evidence of the existence of the supernatural,, even if it is in a negative way,, I think the evidence of evil proves that there is the possibility of the existence of good,, the existence of the works of the devil also prove there Is definitely a God somewhere,, I know people (I would call 1 them a friend although I don’t agree with what he does) that make money from fraudulent activities online, he makes a lot of money from this acts but he does it with the use of charms and juju,, foreigners that fraudulent guys defraud of their funds are not always dumb and gullible people but they still go ahead to give this fraudsters everything they work for because of the work of jujus (supernatural remote controls )ove their lives.. Does the evidence of the existence of this evil prove that there is good?

    1. Deji says:

      Thanks for reading. Your feedback is appreciated.

      Now to your main point, “does the existence of evil prove the existence of good?”

      I will like to answer your question with one of my own:
      Are you suggesting that good is synonymous with god, and evil with the devil?

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