Let’s Talk About Love

A simple interest in knowing your own history and the history of the world is enough to clear your doubts about whether you are the center of some ‘divine plan’ or not. Really, there are so many different people and cultures in the world. What do you know about them? Their histories? Oh, I forgot you hardly even know yours.

A simple look at the world around you is enough to show you that you’re not the product of some ‘intelligent design’. Everything is basically trying to kill you out there, you know? To think everything was made just for you. What can be more preposterous and arrogant than that?

Honesty is very important in this endeavour. Questioning your beliefs is critical to enlightenment but I guess that’s blasphemy, right? Why, the carpenter has said: no one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom! There is no room for doubt or questioning or curiosity. Just. Believe. That in itself is instructive.

What’s your own situation? A blatant refusal to think, or just plain, old denial?

Why do you believe? Have you ever tried to answer that question HONESTLY? That’s if you ever got to asking in the first place.

There are some little things in life that make faith look silly. One of them is love. Yes, good, old, cliched, love. You know a couple of couples who are from different faiths, don’t you? You’re probably a product of one. Your mother is a Christian and your father is a Muslim. You’ve seen couples like this get married. You’re probably in a relationship with one yourself.

Was the person’s faith the first thing you thought about when you were falling in love with them? Or their beautiful personality? Your parents have been together for years, raising you in spite of their different religious backgrounds. You’re getting married to that woman even though she’s a Muslim and she’ll most likely burn in hell in the afterlife. Isn’t that what your Bible says? How do you go into a lifetime partnership with someone you’re so certain would end up in a celestial oven while you sing and dance for the rest of ‘eternity’? Have you really thought about it? You might want to do that in your spare time. Or now.

When you fall in love with someone, or become great friends with someone, religious affiliation takes background position. Human beings have gone great lengths and taken dangerous risks to save their friends and lovers regardless of faith or colour. These are just artificial concepts that have divided us as humans. There are hundreds more of such divisions which only tear apart the original human fabric we’re all made of. We are humans first before we become Christians or Muslims or Hindus or (insert your preferred brigade here).

It’s pretty pellucid that humans don’t think much of religion or faith when empathy and love are around. Ever wondered why? It’s simple- WE DON’T NEED ‘EM! Would you rather be with a devout Christian man who is also a jerk or a ‘faithless’ guy who thinks the world of you? Yes, you may be lucky to have both but if the honest answer to that question (emphasis on honest) is the latter, then you’re on your way to enlightenment.

So, what exactly do you need gods for if all they do is erect more and more walls to divide us?


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