My Advice To A Christian – Bill Flavel

Today, one of my Christian Facebook friends asked me (facetiously, I think) “If l should abandon my God today, what would you recommend for me?”

Here is my advice.

I advise you not to – you are not ready yet. When you are ready, you won’t need to ask for advice. When you are ready, the lack of evidence for invisible beings will be SO obvious that you will kick yourself for days that you were ever taken in by such nonsense. You don’t need to abandon an illusion–you need to acknowledge it.

You will see everything with a new and fresher perspective. For example, you will see that people invent Gods (and invent even more religions) and the fact that everyone fights to defend their family god is significant. They don’t do that because they KNOW their family god is real but because they have been taught to BELIEVE their family god is real. And defending their god is defending their family and their culture.

When you think about how to treat your fellow humans, you won’t wonder what a book written by people with backward Iron Age morals says, you will think about the consequences of your actions and how they affect the wellbeing of other sentient beings. You won’t hope attacking or denying rights to a gay person will get you brownie points in an afterlife, rather you will know you should be helping and loving people, not attacking them.

When you abandon your God-belief, the world will become ever so slightly a nicer place. But don’t do it until you’re ready.

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  1. S. P Allan says:

    Hahaha. I love that.

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