Abdul Sattar Edhi: A True Humanist

“People have become educated, but have yet to become human.”

“Truly I am a refugee from India, but I call myself a human being…”

These are some of the famous words spoken by Abdul Edhi, a legend whose life is the focus of today’s post. Until his passing on 8th July, 2016, this man, popularly called the “Father Teresa” of Pakistan had dedicated his whole life to helping humanity. Starting with nothing but a huge heart and a tenacious will, Edhi created the largest ambulance service in the world, and the largest welfare organization in Pakistan.

“Where there’s government, groups form; where there’s religion, groups form. Just slogans, speeches and divisions.”

The Edhi Foundation grew from barely nothing into one of the biggest welfare organizations in the world without help from governments or religious organizations. Edhi realized that political and religious affiliations are the twin major “evils” dividing humanity into thousands of groups. What comes off of these many divisions?

“That’s where the poverty comes from; that’s where the crime comes from…”

Any thinking human being will agree with Edhi that people do not get much done when they’re pitted against each other across many different divides. Think Babel, people! Edhi’s Foundation takes care of thousands of abandoned infants, orphans, pregnant women, and war casualties, natural disaster victims, among other things. All this greatness simply based on the goodwill of the people.

Edhi’s courage and bravery in rising above personal loss and pulling gold out of the dross of his mother’s loss teach us all vital lessons in being human. Simple, crucial lessons that the world seems to forget every single dayThat we are humans first before we became Christians or Muslims or Republicans or Democrats (please insert your own favourite division!).

“Be a human, bring out each other’s humanity…Fix the thousands of divisions between us…”

Edhi has earned the right to instruct the rest of us to do this because this is exactly what he has done with his time here. It doesn’t take much more than this to actually “save the world”, does it?

I’ll leave you with these words from the “Angel of Mercy” himself,

“I have a love of humanity; a love for any person.”

To donate or find out more, please visit www.edhi.org

Featured Image By Hussain


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