So you’re God-fearing?

It’s not surprising to note that having the “FEAR of God” is one major quality of a “good” Christian. In my interactions with a number of Christians, I have found out that fear is a major component, or driving factor, of their faith. The other major component is ignorance (which comprises either wrong or inadequate information). They are not just afraid of their God’s arch-enemy, Satan, they’re even more scared of their loving God, who by the way is also a “Consuming Fire”. This fear can be so thick, you can almost touch it, and you can feel it in statements like, “Be careful how you talk about God…”, and similar double-edged statements in which Christians warn and not-so-subtly threaten people who think differently about their loving Father.

Now, fear, no matter how colourful you paint it, is not a good thing. When kids begin to fear their parents, something isn’t right somewhere. When fear creeps into a relationship, it changes everything. A large number of Christians have been raised with larger-than-life ideas about their deity’s abilities. Of what he can do when he’s pissed, as reinforced by many Bible stories. Although there is a new generation of Christians who claim they’re simply in a “personal relationship” with God, and though they were raised in Christian homes they have now found God on their own and have chosen him without coercion, this can be easily recognized as a modern reaction to the decreasing popularity of the old tenets of the Christian faith in this age.

It is therefore comical to use a ‘thing’ as ridiculous as having the “Fear of God” to judge the character of a man, as it is found in Nigeria and other devout societies where a man’s religious devotion is used as the measure of their goodness or otherwise.

So, you fear God? Exactly how God-fearing are you?


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