The Eye of The Beholder


Beautiful women. They have one thing in common- they drive men crazy. Old, young, middle-aged, gainfully employed, loafer, clergy, dreamer, tall, short, ugly, drop-dead good-looking, wealthy, pauper, name them. The list is endless. Since Eve, beautiful women have decided the fate of men, and great men have fallen, risen and fallen again, as these wonder-some creatures have deemed fit. No man is immune to this sacred sub-species of the human race.


When they appear in any location, they elicit different reactions. This on its own is worth writing a thesis on. Ordinary, plain women have different reactions from men. It’s a very interesting activity to watch a beautiful woman enter a room filled with people.

There is the ‘oh my god’ look written all over some brothers’ faces when she walks in. That look is one of wonder and awe. Only inexperienced guys do this. They betray their emotion so blatantly, they give themselves away. Even worse, the greenest ones do so with mouths agape. They’re dumbstruck, and that’s dumb.


Men love to regard their women as the gossips, who have nothing else to talk about but men. But time has proven true that men on the contrary ‘gist’ about women as much as women ‘gist’ about men. When it comes to the matter of beauty, the discussion gets into a different realm, where men argue passionately about who is beautiful and who is not. Someone said beauty belonged in the eye of the beholder anyway. But the question remains, if something, or here in this context, a woman, is beautiful, truly beautiful, shouldn’t the whole universe agree?


What does the average person think about a beautiful woman? Okay, now this guy thinks this woman is truly beautiful. What kind of person does he think she is? It is funny, but true, that beauty puts a mask on its possessor’s face.

I once heard a guy say, ‘I just love to be around beautiful girls. They have a way of thinking that appeals to me’. In other words, he’s saying, ‘these people, because of their looks, think differently than ordinary people do’. How true or erroneous is that?

And there’s Richard, who can never tie the knots with a beautiful woman. Why? I asked him. His answer, ‘I will not have peace of mind. The competition from guys outside will be too much for me, and I am a jealous man.’

Charles, like Richard, cannot get hooked to a beautiful woman for life. Albeit for a different reason. You see, Charles is a Money-man, an investor. He just couldn’t spend unnecessarily on her beauty needs which will be ‘enormous’. ‘Why would I spend so much money on the ephemeral? It’s not like she will be beautiful forever.’ He chuckles disdainfully, then continues, with a real smile of pleasure this time, ‘investment on the other hand will last generations, if handled by me.’

Yet, there are men who would rather die unmarried than have it any other way. Different strokes for different folks indeed.

PROs and CONs

Are there any privileges attached to being beautiful? Judging from the proliferation of beauty products on the market, especially toning creams and the like, one can safely say that many people want to increase their visual appeal, indicating that something can indeed be gained from looking good. As odd as it may sound too, it ought to have disadvantages too, doesn’t it? It’s only natural that nothing is perfect. Therefore, whatever has a good side must have a bad side. Like Soren Kierkegaard and his existentialist colleagues proposed, nothing is of its own good or evil. What you get is what you make of it. So, guys, what evils have you made out of beauty?

‘Ah,’ Sunday, a not-too-good-looking plumber who once had a beautiful girlfriend exclaimed. ‘It makes them proud. At some point, she felt she was too beautiful for me and left. I was shattered, but I moved on.’

‘They are just too expensive and most times greedy. They always want this and that. They want everything every time. It’s crazy, like they think they are some goddesses that need to be appeased all the time. It drives me crazy. And when you can’t get them anything, they sulk, or nag you to death, or both. That’s why I see them as toys.’ That was Tony the playboy. For him, ‘loving a beautiful woman is just too much hard work’ so he just plays with them. What do you think of Tony now?

‘I’m scared of them,’ Eddie, a little man in his late thirties said. ‘I just can’t trust them. They’re naturally promiscuous. You know, it’s like it’s wired into their DNA.’ How cruel is that?


Have you met a beautiful woman who had no idea that she possessed the gift, the ‘magic wand’ actually? It seems these fairies have varying levels of awareness to their gift. Some do require a good deal of convincing before the realization comes, and some begin to doubt after some time. And what do they think of it? Pride? Opportunity? Chance? Modesty? Gratitude? (Add yours to the list). The last time you said, ‘you are really beautiful’, to a woman who deserved it, what was the response? Was it a practiced ‘thank you’, or a giggly, pleasure-filled ‘thank you’? What does physical beauty mean to you?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Real interesting and intriguing too.

    1. Thank you, Julianah, for reading and for your kind comments.

  2. Deoye falade says:

    Me, I just have a headache already.
    Quite an interesting topic here Deji.
    I actually don’t think beautiful women are problematic; if they are, then it’s a personality defect, unrelated to their looks. I say this because I’ve been with a few ‘pretty’ women and fewer ‘modest looking’ ones and when they proved to have ‘issues’ it had nothing to do with their appearance.
    My view of beauty transcends ‘face’ value now though. It’s everything that really makes them beautiful, and not just the look. I saw a woman once exhibit some pretty nasty attitude at the bank once and even though she was stunning, I couldn’t bear to look at her after that incident. But I’ve met some women who rate a 6.5 on a beauty scale of 10 and good Lord, I just can’t look at them the same way again because they become even more wonderful.

    Lemme stop here 😀

    1. Oooshey! I should come for some lessons in womanology, bro. Anyways, thanks for getting the point of this post which is that looks don’t mean much when it comes to people’s, and in this case, women’s beahaviour. Gracias!

      1. Deoye falade says:

        LOL! You’re welcome fam

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